Monday, November 9, 2009

Creative Solutions For Small Spaces

Living in a smaller space temporarily (aka Grammy's 1700-ish square foot house) has presented some wonderful organizing challenges for me. I always love a good organization puzzle to challenge my brain! I know, I'm a dork. ;)

My first challenge has been keeping things off the floor so the house stays as tidy as possible. After installing 3M Command Hooks in just about every nook and cranny of the house (I think we're up to 8 so far!), my next pressing project was to provide some sort of privacy to the front room that Brad and I are calling home right now. We are sleeping in her front sitting room/study that has french doors with glass panes.

So, I had a crazy idea one day and decided to give it a try...

Here are the doors Before... there's our cozy king size bed tucked into the little study!

I found some pretty scrapbooking papers at Hobby Lobby that matched the warm colors of Mom's decor throughout the house. I borrowed a cutting board and cut each 12" X 12" sheet in half (each of the 30 glass panes measures 12 1/8" X 6 1/8"), creating 6" X 12" sheets.

Using removable adhesive dots, I placed a dot on each of the four corners of the paper....

... and mounted the sheets on the inside of the doors facing out.
Here's the finished product... what do you think? It ended up looking like a cozy quilt and it definitely serves its purpose! After the fact, I wondered if I should have picked my favorite pattern and used it for all the panes, but this look works for now.

I think paper was a great temporary fix, but for something more permanent, you could try fabric, wallpaper samples, frosted or faux stained glass privacy window adhesives or even create a photo collage display.... the sky's the limit!

Now, go do something creative today!

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