Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Countdown to....... TWO!!!

Well, it's true. My little one-year-olds will be two tomorrow!



Like, for real (I'm not in denial about this at all)! ;)

The past year has been an absolute whirlwind (but, at the same time, an absolute blast)! Can someone pleeeeease tell me where these sweet little 12-month-olds went?
Can you believe how much they've grown? I mean, seriously, is that just amazing or what?!?!?!!

Lots of growing has taken place, and I'm not just talking about Tanner & Tori! ;)
Of course they've grown in many ways, both physical and developmental. But Brad and I have also grown, albeit in ways unseen. With each passing day, we've grown more and more in our love for these two little blessings, we've grown as parents and have, hopefully, grown as people in general. I don't think I've ever truly cherished and appreciated every single day as much as I have since becoming a parent. You begin to realize very quickly, even more so than before becoming a parent, how fleeting the time is because you have these little people that change before your very eyes in just a day's time! It really puts things in perspective.

It's good to finally be keenly aware of what is truly important in life!

So, here's to Tanner & Tori:
Thank you for 2 wonderful years of a new perspective!!! We love you so much, more than we could ever fully express!!!

Love always,
Mom & Dad

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