Thursday, August 13, 2009

Birthday Presents!

We had fun opening our birthday gifts a few days ago! Tori was the first one to wake up from nap time (typical), so she got to open her gifts first to make it less chaotic on Mommy. Tanner joined in once he woke up.

(And yes, they're both wearing Big-Boy and Big-Girl underwear in these pics with shirts and no pants... we've been working on potty training the past couple of weeks! More on that in an upcoming post... I'm still a little too traumatized! jk)

Here are some pictures of the fun:

Tori got a new baby doll from her Uncle Mark, Aunt Kim and cousins Dylan and Jaden...
It was a hit! She's been enjoying "feeding" her all week.
She was quite curious about her new earrings from Grampa!
She liked her adorable new outfit from Uncle Chris, Aunt Katrina, cousins Kaleigh and Hunter! When I told her who it was from, she smiled really big and said, "Kaycee!" (the way she says Kaleigh sounds like "Casey")
I was finally quick enough to catch a happy reaction! She was thrilled with this colorful block set from our friends David, Sarah, Miles & Baby Colin! (And yes, if you enlarge this photo, you will notice her teeth are pink... she had colored her lips and teeth with a pink highlighter earlier that morning and her shirt with a yellow highlighter! And she's also trying to hide my pen behind her back... "maybe Mommy won't notice and I can go write on something!" LOL!!!)

Puzzles! They got these great little puzzles from our friend Sherry... they were a hit!
Tanner liked the block sets too!
He was thrilled when he opened this remote control fire truck from Uncle Mark & Aunt Kim! (Look at those cute underwear!!) (Sorry Tanner - I'm sure he will kill me for sharing these pics in a few years!)
The boy is obsessed with wheels!

After all the fun of opening their gifts, they started running around the house being silly and ended up in the dining room screaming and laughing. I ran in to see what in the world they were up to and they showed me their new trick:
They like to climb up in the dining chairs on either side of our china cabinet and look through the glass at each other. They talk/scream and laugh back and forth at each other, all while slobbering and drooling all over the glass! Gross! But soooooo cute!
"I'm not making any mischief, Mom!"
Little Daredevil standing on the arm rest... and I'm sure this is just the beginning of many crazy stunts to come!

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