Sunday, June 14, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere!

We had some crazy storms over the past week that dumped incredible amounts of rain on us. It all started Wednesday night with severe weather and tornadoes reported in Flower Mound. Then the rain continued ALL DAY LONG on Thursday. Since we were cooped up in the house all day, I thought I should at least get some photos of the action!

This is our side yard, complete with French drains. As you can see, they were completely overwhelmed with water and lost their tops (as seen floating next to the drain). This is probably a good two feet of standing water, especially back by the fence!

This is the river of rushing water that invaded our street and our neighbor's front yard (their yard is more low-lying than ours). The gutters couldn't keep up with all the rain!

Here's a better shot without the tree in the way. Notice the "waves" toward the upper right of the photo. The water was rushing so fast!

And finally, here's our poor, overflowing pool! The water was completely in line with the decking. We had 3-5" of rain in a matter of hours.

Then Friday and Saturday we had almost triple digit temperatures, which made for the sweatiest, most muggy days we've had so far! Ugh!

Gotta love Texas...

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