Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Splash Day/Last Day of School

(I'm baaaaack! I've been without my laptop for the last week and a half and it finally arrived yesterday, so we're back in business... thanks for your patience - even though I guess you didn't really have a choice, haha!)

Here are some fun pictures from Tanner & Tori's last day of school (last Thursday, 5/21). They got to wear their swimsuits to school for some fun in the sun!
This is hilarious... leave it to my two to add flavor to the group shot. Tanner was upset for Take One...
and Tori got upset for Take Two.... oh well!!

They had a blast playing in the water and sand and finger painting with shaving cream...

Look at those curls... de-lish! It's probably time for a trim, but I can't quite bring myself to part with those gorgeous locks!

Well, it was a great last day of a great school year! We had wonderful teachers for our first preschool/Mother's Day Out experience - Mrs. Mandy & Mrs. Anne - whom we will miss dearly. The kids have grown so much since the beginning of the school year - the teachers made scrapbooks for each child with pictures of them from each month and it was so neat to look back on where they started out and all the growth that has taken place! This was the best keepsake they could've given us, I was blown away and thought it was so sweet and thoughtful of them to do this!

Now, if only I can keep them entertained all summer without losing my sanity!

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