Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Yesterday at school, the kids had a birthday celebration for Jesus complete with party hats and cupcakes and a big lunch feast that included nuggets from Chik-fil-A. It was Tanner's first day back in a week and a half (I was sick last week so they both didn't get to go to school. Then, I passed my bug on to Tanner late last week and he wasn't better until Tuesday of this week.) He was so happy to be back in his class but, as luck would have it, it was the last day until after Christmas break. They are on break until January 6.

I didn't get any pictures at school (silly me!), but they looked so cute in their red and white that I just had to get some photos once we were home playing...

My Little Candy Canes

Although Tanner & Tori are too young to understand it this year, I love that they are learning the real meaning of Christmas at such a young age. It will be neat to build on it each year as their understanding grows. They've been very curious about our nativity set at home, so as I point to each of the figurines and tell who they are, I've been trying to teach them how to say "Baby Jesus." They have their own cute little rendition of "Jesus" that they say and it's just so precious! However, we're still working on "Don't Touch!" - that part is not so precious! LOL!

In other news, check out the front page of yesterday's Your Life Section.... recognize anyone?

That's right, our hilarious Santa picture made the paper! My mom called earlier in the week to tell me that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram was asking for "Scared of Santa" pictures, so of course, we had to submit ours! We thought it was just for their online gallery, but were surprised yesterday morning when it was printed as part of the ad for the online picture gallery. To see some of the other great photos that have been submitted or to submit one of your own, click HERE. Apparently, there is a drawing for a great prize!

These will be great little keepsakes for their baby books. Poor kids, we're all being entertained at their expense! Hopefully they're not too scarred from their traumatic experience with Santa! Nope, I know what it is, it's that they are geniuses and already know the TRUE meaning of Christmas and it's NOT Santa! Wow. They amaze me!


Justin and Tiffany said...

Tanner and Tori should win the grand prize! That picture is priceless! haha

Jara said...

LOVE that pic of Tanner and Tori in the paper! We are so glad you are all well!!!

The Houston's said...

That picture is still cracking me up! It's my favorite Christmas card so far! Hope they win....they certainly deserve to!