Thursday, October 30, 2008

Orange Day

Today was "Wear Orange" Day at school because they were having a Fall Festival for the kids. This morning was hectic getting out the door so I wasn't able to get pictures of them in their cute orange clothes so, when we got home this afternoon, I decided to attempt a little photo shoot with them.

Here's how that went....

We started on the back patio:
A little distracted... "Hey look, there's the pool! Let's go swimming!"
Tori: "Oh, these shoes are so cute!"
That's a little better... except that Tanner looks annoyed!

Let's try a few on the couch:
Tanner: "Hmm, this pumpkin is pretty cool!" Tori: "What's over there?"
Okay, now Tanner is playing drums on the pumpkin and Tori is nowhere to be found...
Whoa, now we're just everywhere... sheesh!

Change of Scenery - Let's try the front porch:
Daddy has been teaching the kids about trees, so here is Tanner pointing at a "Dee" as he calls it, but Tori finally looked my way AND smiled!
Tanner: "Ooooh, what's over here?" Tori: "Wow! A leaf!"
Now Tori is distracted by the "Dees".
Let's try sitting them on the front step together...
... and they're OFF!
Tanner gets distracted again and Tori decides to taste a rock from the flowerbed...
My little daydreamer

Okay, that was exhausting! Anyone else exhausted? Did we get any good ones out of all that work? Oh my goodness, these two are little balls of energy (pardon the pun)!!!


Dustythemomhaskins said...

ACTION PHOTOS ARE MY FAVORITE, it truly captures who they are. You will cherish these shots later in life. Great work MOM!!! Gotta love the orange!!!Happy Halloween, can't wait to see the costumes