Friday, March 7, 2008

Tippin' the Scales...

So, we visited Dr. Tran today for our last Synagis shots (woohoo!) and - hold on to yer' hats - here were their weights:

Tanner 16 lbs, 11 oz. (almost 17!)
Tori 15 lbs, 13 oz. (almost 16!)

I guess my estimate was pretty good after all! This means they have both gained over 2 pounds each in just a month!!! At their six-month visit, they were 14.4 (Tanner) and 13.7 (Tori)... this is GREAT progress! And now that we are finished with Synagis for this season, we don't have to go back to the doctor until May for their 9-month checkup... we get a WHOLE MONTH off! YAY! I know our checkbook will thank us... the copays alone on these visits are ridiculous - $35 per child = $70 total - and we've been going once a month, twice some months since October... you do the math! Of course, this is NOTHING compared to the bills that were racked up during their 6-week stay in the NICU. But thank the good Lord (and Ardent!) for 100% insurance coverage! Anyway, sorry for that digression.......

So, nothing too exciting going on for us this weekend. Oh! We do get to have a date tomorrow night... the always-gracious Grammy has offered to come spoil her grandtwins for the evening so we can hit the town for some adult time. So we'll have to see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. You know us, we're soooo wild! We went out to dinner a couple of weekends ago (while Grammy babysat) and after dinner went grocery shopping and were back home by about 9:00 or 9:30 - I KID YOU NOT!!! HA! I tell you what, we're getting OLD!

Smellin' like a rose... my little flower after her bath
Like father, like son - this was one of Tanner's ESPN training sessions, I'm sure or maybe even the Sci-Fi channel (heehee!) :)

...which reminds me,
Update: YES, Daddy FINALLY got his hair cut!!! Hallelujah!


sarah said...

Oh my gosh! They are getting so big! They are so precious! I love the Zoolander pose! I'm glad you get a break from copay's for a while!

Worm's Woman said...

I totally hear you on those copays!! I was going to so many doc appointments and physical therapy, that I was racking up about $60/week for a few months!! Take that break and enjoy a long grocery date haha!! kiddos look fabulous!!! And so do both of you!!!

Bobby, Heidi, Ethan and coming soon.....Annaliese Joy said...

Sounds like our "dates"! And let me guess, did you talk about your kiddos the entire date too? :-) Funny how much parenthood changes us....all for the better!
They are such cuties!
And we're liking Daddy's haircut! :-)