Monday, January 28, 2008

What a Fun Week!!!

We had a FANTASTIC time last week with Brad's aunt, uncle and three cousins who traveled down from Maryland to meet and spend time with the babies. Brad's aunt and uncle have three girls - Zoe, 9 and Ally and Kassy, 7 (twins!) - and they absolutely adored Tanner and Tori and had so much fun with them. The babies had the best week too, getting to interact with so many different people. I think they get bored seeing only my face every day... I look forward to getting them out more! They really do seem to be less fussy when we're out... there's so much to see and hear!

Anyway, Daniel, Holly and the girls got in last Saturday (1/19) and stayed until last Thursday (1/24), which also happened to be the twins' 7th birthday. We filled up every second of every day with tons of activity.

Here's a short run-down of all that we did:
Saturday, after they arrived, Brad and I cooked them a steak dinner and just hung out at the house so they could meet and play with the babies before they had to go to bed. Sunday, after meeting family at Pancho's for lunch (Uncle Daniel's favorite Texas eatery - YUCK!), we took the girls out to Dallas to the Galleria where we surprised them with a visit to the American Girl store (wall-to-wall dolls galore!). After that, we headed to Roanoke to meet family again for dinner at Babe's Chicken. Monday afternoon, we took the girls over to Brad's brother's house to play with our niece and nephew and then we all went out to Grapevine Mills to the Build-A-Bear store and stayed for dinner at Rainforest Cafe. Tuesday, we went shopping during the day and then Brad stayed home with the babies that night and I treated Daniel, Holly and the girls to their first Texas rodeo - we even had box seats! Well, it wasn't a first for Daniel, of course, but for Holly and the girls. They had a blast and absolutely LOVED it! Wednesday, we had a very brief shopping trip after lunch at Pancho's and then headed up to Southlake for an afternoon SURPRISE birthday party for the twins at Sweet & Sassy (a super-cute salon and spa for girls). They had a princess party where they got to dress up, get their nails and hair done and have a princess-crowning ceremony at the end. It was so cute! After the party, we went next door to Kobeya to meet the rest of our family for a nice hibachi birthday dinner. Then, it was on to our house to put the babies to bed and have birthday cake! Thursday, we got up and had breakfast, then headed to - you guessed it - Pancho's for one last lunch before D, H and the girls headed to the airport for their return flight.

Whew! I told you it was a busy week, but it was a wonderful week. I certainly miss all the extra help and hands that were around here! My job was a BREEZE last week! Every time I turned around either Holly or one of the girls was offering their help feeding, dressing, or entertaining a baby... it was GREAT!

Zoe with Tanner

Zoe with Tori

Kassy, "Sheriff" Ally & Zoe at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo

Ally with Tori

The Sweet&Sassy Ball Princesses: Kaleigh, Kassy & Ally (The Birthday Girls!) and Zoe