Saturday, September 1, 2007

5 Pounds!

Today's weights:
Tanner 5 lbs., 1.9 oz.
Tori 4 lbs., 8.1 oz.

As you can see, Tanner has reached the five pound mark and Tori is not too far behind him! The babies are steadily gaining weight and are getting stronger and more developed every day... it's such a neat thing to see! Tori is now completely without a nasal cannula (as you can see in the photo below) and all that remains on her face is the feeding tube through her nose. Tanner has been taken off of his high-flow cannula and put on a regular low-flow cannula with minimal oxygen flowing through and they are both doing great!

Adorable Tori - No more cannula!

Tanner is doing great at all feeding (breast and bottle). Tori has her "on" days and "off" days with each. Yesterday, she did great breastfeeding, but today she wasn't too interested in it. However, she did great taking her bottle, gulping down 30 cc in a little over 5 minutes! I guess she just wasn't in the mood to have to work for her dinner! :) Here's a cute picture of Brad bottle feeding her. She was so alert and just studied him intently!

Daddy feeding Tori

Somehow, we managed not to take a single picture of Tanner tonight... we'll get some new ones of him in the next few days. Stay tuned for more info!