Friday, August 10, 2007

Tanner's First Events

Leah held Tanner for the first time tonight.

Grammy visited with a much-more-mellow Tori today.

Tanner is doing great! He is digesting food and we had several first time events today.

1) Mommy held him for the first time.
2) He had his first poop.
3) We heard his first real cry.
4) Sucked on his pacifier
5) Was able to open his eyes for a long period of time (we turned off the bililight).

To view quicktime VIDEOS of the babies, click their name below:

Earlier this afternoon, the babies got to meet their great-grandmother Jo! She really enjoyed loving on them and talking to them. Tori watched her intently as she held the pacifier in her mouth and talked to her. It was so sweet!


Sheri Robken said...

Congratulations!! The babies are precious and I love the names. I have you all in my prayers. Enjoy every moment because it goes faster than you know. Love, Sheri

Justin said...
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Justin and Tiffany said...

So glad to hear everything is progressing well with the babies! We are thinking about you all, and check the blog daily to see what's going on. Thanks for all the updates! How is mommy feeling???