Wednesday, August 29, 2007

News from Tuesday

The babies were adorable last night and we got some cute pictures (so we thought) that I was planning to post when we got home, but once I uploaded the photos, I realized they all came out blurry and out-of-focus! :(

So, we are planning to take a better camera tonight and I promise to get some new pictures up tonight!

Last night's weights were:
Tanner 4 lbs., 11 oz.
Tori 4 lbs., 2.6 oz.

Tanner is being weaned down on his oxygen flow little by little and seemed to be tolerating it last night so we're hoping that continues. They are both doing very well maintaining their temperatures in the open crib. So well, in fact, Tanner was without a hat last night and they were missing a few extra blankets that usually cover them! The next major hurdle we have to get over is just getting them to eat on their own (bottle and/or breast). I'm sure once that is achieved, their homecoming will not be too far off!