Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daddy finally got to hold his little girl... how precious!!!

Tonight was fun! I got to have a "Kangaroo Care" session with each baby for the first time, which is skin-to-skin contact for 30 minutes or so. It is so essential for preemies to have skin-to-skin contact to thrive. It helps them maintain body temperature, regulates their respiration and heartrate and is just plain good for the soul! (theirs and mine!) ;)

The nurse had me put on a hospital gown open to the front and then she placed each baby on my chest. They both loved it. Tori got very upset when her time was up... she was so comfy on Mommy's chest! She was very alert afterward and looked around for quite awhile before falling asleep in her bed. Tanner curled up in a ball and burrowed his face into my chest and fell asleep. I kept thinking he was going to smother himself, so I would try to move his head so he could get more air but each time, he would just fight me and go right back to facedown in my chest, so I just let him be. It was so cute!

Then, Brad and I got to try giving each baby a bottle of breast milk to see how they would do. They each took a small amount so that is great! We each got to change a diaper tonight so we're getting our practice in.

The babies have been transferred out of regular beds into Isolettes (incubators). They tend to do better in these because it's quieter and warmer for them. In the next couple of days, they should be put in an isolette together! I can't wait to see them together. I think they will do great!

Skin to Skin with Tori

Skin to Skin with Tanner