Saturday, January 7, 2012

Making Room for Baby...

Our "nesting" got off to a very late start this time around! Just 4 short weeks ago, the baby's room looked like this:
Daddy started putting the crib together the first week of December and here's how it sat as we waited for the bedding I ordered to arrive. We had planned to hold off on painting the room until later in the spring once we decided what color to go with for the walls.

But, after finding inspiration from this nursery that used the same line of fabrics for their bedding, along came my sweet friend Roni, who insisted it be done ahead of time. So, the week of Christmas, she graciously came over and gave of her time to help paint the room!
And, I have to say, I am sooooo glad we went ahead and painted now instead of later! It is so nice to have it out of the way... it looks 110% better than the builder beige walls! And, my husband agreed to let me order the tree decal that I had found in that inspiration photo and it really makes the room!

Both the bedding and the decal surprised me with an earlier-than-expected arrival a few days before Christmas! So, on Christmas Day, my sweet brother and hubby worked on installing the decal for me and it all came together at once! It was a great Christmas gift. I couldn't be happier with how it turned out... it's probably my favorite room in the house now!

Here are some more pics of the room:
We have been very blessed not to have to purchase any furniture this time (with the exception of the glider/ottoman). This changing dresser was given to us by friends and I embellished it with new drawer pulls and backed all the glass-front drawers with the different fabrics in the bedding to give it a custom feel. It turned out really cute. I found the blue changing table topper at a garage sale for $10 and, after living with it for awhile, think I would still like to paint it white to match the dresser. Don't know when I'll get to that project though! ;)

Here is the glider and ottoman I bought at a garage sale for... wait for it... $75!!!!!! It is supposedly a $900 set from Magic Moon, a high-dollar baby boutique with stores in the Southlake and Dallas areas. It had some slight staining so I had originally planned to get it reupholstered or slip-covered. However, once I started getting quotes for that, I soon realized that was out of the question for now and just borrowed a friend's upholstery cleaner and got it as clean as I could with a couple of cleaning sessions. It's not perfect by any means, but it's a lot better than it was when I bought it and with a blanket and pillow covering it, it helps to hide some of those imperfections. We will most likely have it recovered once it is finished being used in the nursery with a nice neutral/kid-friendly fabric to be used upstairs in the kids' playroom.

So, that's a tour of little Maddie's room.
Now, all we're missing is a beautiful baby girl in that crib!
(and some curtains for the windows... I'm just kind of stuck on that project, not sure whether to get panels made from one of the bedding fabrics or go with a solid)

38 Weeks and counting... won't be long now!

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Reecea said...

Adorable nursery. Congrats!! You should put it on pinterest:D

Oliver S. Daniel said...

Lovely nursery. Hope you have an uneventful pregnancy.