Sunday, August 28, 2011


We took the kids for their 4-year checkups on Friday and let's just say, they're still growing like.... weeds!

As we awaited our turn, I had to get a picture of this:

Because it reminded me so much of this:

My, how we've grown since our 1-year checkups!!!!

They did great for their checkups and even the shots. Once they learned they were getting shots, we had to prep them and pep talk them a bit. Daddy may or may not have "bribed" them with new toys if they could successfully get through them with no tears. ;) So he did, and it worked! Tanner put on such a brave face and went first with two shots in each thigh. He turned a little red in the face trying to keep his composure, but he was determined to earn that new toy and he did it! His Daddy took him to Target to pick out a new toy after the appointment.

Then came Tori's turn. She had been talking a big talk all up until the moment of truth, saying she would be the bravest one and go first. Well, when the nurse came in with the container of syringes, she retreated behind the nearest chair and got very nervous and sweaty... Ha! So, Dad took her out of the room while Tanner got his shots. When it was time to put her up on the bed, she tensed up all her muscles and the nurse was concerned it would hurt much worse if we couldn't get her to relax her thigh muscles. We tried for a couple of minutes to get her to take a deep breath and relax to no avail... every little muscle in her legs was hard as a rock! So, the nurse went ahead and administered the shots into those tense little legs, poor thing! She turned red in the face and began to whimper and fuss, but never cried and before she knew it, she was finished! She rode with me after the appointment and we went to McDonald's for an ice cream cone and then on to Target to let her pick a new toy (As if we needed any more toys... sheesh! These kids just had a birthday, I could've strangled their Daddy!!!).

So anyway, that was our adventure of the double 4-year checkups. No more shots until age 11! And, for those interested, here are their stats from the checkup:

Tanner - 41.4 lbs, 44.5 inches tall (this puts him in the 84th-percentile for weight and 99th-percentile for height!!)

Tori - 40.8 lbs, 43.75 inches tall (this puts her in the 83rd-percentile for weight and 98th-percentile for height!!)

So yep, we've got a couple of "Weeds" on our hands!

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