Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Days (& Days & Days & Days!)

Two weeks ago, we had the unexpected blessing of a week off when local schools were canceled for a record 4 days in a row due to an uncommonly strong winter storm that rolled into our area and camped out for a few days.

I LOVED the extended time we had at home; getting to hang out and have uninterrupted quality time with the kids, doing art projects, baking, and getting some much needed organization accomplished. It was a wonderful break from the ordinary weekly grind.

(I will say, however, that it was poorly timed for my job though, as the first week of every month is always busiest with billing and balancing the books, so I played a lot of catch up last week and into this week as a result.)

But, other than that, it was wonderful. It only got a little old on Thursday late afternoon when the kids had had enough and were practically climbing the walls. So, we headed outside for some fresh air and averted meltdowns by inviting the neighbors over for dinner that night to change things up a bit. On the fourth day, we awoke to several inches of beautiful snow, so that was a very welcome sight after only looking at the treacherous ice for the previous three days. That was the best day by far! We skipped nap time that day and played outside with friends, sledding and snowball-fighting all day long. Literally, we were out for about 5, possibly 6 hours that day, it was so much fun!

Here are some of my favorite pics from our play days:

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Katie Garrett said...

Oh my goodness - they are SO cute! I love their little snow bunny looks, all bundled up and cozy in the snow. Looks like ya'll had fun :) Tell them I said hi!