Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Day In Seaside

We arrived after dark last night to the small community of Seaside, Florida, where we have enjoyed the day today on our way to Disney tomorrow. We were thrilled because the forecast for today was calling for upper 60's/low 70's and sunshine and we thought we just might get a good family photo on the beach to use for our Christmas cards (yes, we're super late getting cards out this year!). Well, that was not quite the weather we ended up with - it was more of a cloudy/super-windy/slightly chilly/massive waves crashing/storm blowing in kind of day - but we had a great time anyway!

Here are some of my favorite photos of our wild adventure down to the beach before the rainstorm this afternoon:

Absolutely. Thrilled.

Mommy and her little man
Tori explores drawing shapes in the sand with her finger...
Then she decides she needs to get her feet wet.
So we count to Three and decide to "jump" over the edge of the wave...
Meanwhile, Tanner sees all the fun we're having and decides he needs to join us. So he calls for me and reaches out his hand for me to come get him... soooo sweet!
He is so happy!
So we all go out together, hand in hand.

The water was FREEZING!!!
I love how this photo depicts their personalities so well.... she is my wild child, up for any adventure and is totally loving the thrill of this moment, hence the huge smile on her face... and Tanner, although I will say I am impressed that he even wanted to get near the water, is instantly not liking this situation the very moment his feet hit the cold water and he begins to cry and get this very concerned, upset look on his face! Haha, poor buddy!

So, that was a bit of our day. The adventure continues tomorrow as we travel on to Disney World! It's the kids' first trip AND we will be with 18 other family members, so it will be a Christmas we will never forget... needless to say, we are beyond THRILLED!!!

I will try to update over the next few days as time allows... stay tuned!

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