Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Wow! Please forgive my lack of blog posts lately... things have been busy around here as we're getting ready for our big MOVE!!!!! Our new house is completed and we are all set to move in this coming Friday after it is inspected and cleaned. We are sooooooo excited and cannot wait to have a place of our own again!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day and am feeling so blessed and LOVED today! Let me tell you about the fabulous day I had.....

First of all, the kids decided to be ANGELS and sleep in until 8:30!!!!! GOD BLESS THEM!!! It was wonderful! After we were all up and dressed, Brad took the kids and I to IHOP for a fabulous pancake breakfast. The kids were thrilled to get their very own Funny Face pancakes and I was thrilled to have breakfast just the four of us, and someone else cooked it (not that I usually cook breakfast on the weekends - that's Brad's specialty - but it was nice, and actually relaxing!)!

Then, we came back to the house to hang out until it was time to start cooking lunch. Brad grilled the steaks (another one of his specialties), while I made the mashed potatoes, asparagus and veggies. My brother and his friend joined us as well as my mom's friend Sherry, so we had a nice lunch crowd and a great lunch! Later in the afternoon, mom, Sherry and I went to get pedicures together. That was probably the highlight.... sooooo relaxing!

So, it was a wonderful day! I am so blessed to get to be the Mom of these two:


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