Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone! I hope you and yours had a wonderful time celebrating our Risen Savior yesterday! Brad was invited to paint at Turning Point Church in Burleson during the worship time at both their Easter services, so we were honored to get to attend there yesterday. Here are some favorite photos of our day:

Look at my sweet little Easter eggs!!! I just wanted to eat them up yesterday!

My pretty little Easter Lily... she was beyond thrilled to get to wear a big, special, twirly dress! And she would not part with her new white shoes the rest of the day... that's my girl!!! ;)

Here is Brad's painting from the first service (we joined him for the second service, so we missed seeing this one in action, but it turned out beautifully).

Here is a shot of Brad in action during the second service!

And here is the finished product... beautiful job, Babe!

Family photo after the service. The kids had a great time in their kids' church!

In other news, Brad's art site ( has been revamped and can be found by clicking HERE. Turning Point was thrilled to have him yesterday and thought it went so well, they were already talking about having him back for Christmas! What a blessing! One of our goals for this year was to promote his art and get him more painting gigs throughout the year, so this is great start!

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