Monday, March 15, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas!

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. We definitely had a super fun, enjoyable weekend ourselves! The weather was amazing, so we spent the better part of the day outside on Saturday. The kids and I went to the zoo with a friend while Brad played a golf tournament (if you haven't been to the Fort Worth Zoo yet since they opened the new MOLA last weekend - Museum of Living Art - you've got to go check it out... so cool!). Then we spent the afternoon outside playing on the driveway and taking walks around the neighborhood... just an all-around lovely day.

But Sunday was the biggest day of all! Brad and I, along with Grammy, took the kids out to Grapevine to see Thomas the Train, one of Tanner's favorite characters! I knew there would be lots to do but, until we arrived, I had no idea just how big of an event this was! There was a petting zoo, model train exhibit, and tent with train tables and art projects for kids to do, a Thomas bounce house and slide, a giant sand pit, childrens' musical entertainment and all the carnival food you could ever hope to make yourself sick on! You know, funnel cakes, giant corn dogs, nachos.... YUMMM!!!

Before we left, I just had to get a picture of them in their new zoo shirts from Saturday. They have just about outgrown their shirts from last year, but they always ask to wear them (Tori asks, just about daily, to wear her "ee-mool" (animal) shirt), so it was time for a new pair and they were thrilled!

Okay, so on to the festival...

Here we are in front of Thomas - even though this photo turned out a little blurry (most likely the sun), I just LOVE his expression and HUGE smile here.... this is what he looked like the entire time we were there, just completely thrilled and elated!

Next, we went to check out a tent where an impressive display of model trains was set up... Tanner was mesmerized, of course, and would have been perfectly happy watching them buzz around the tracks all day:
Some of them even produced real smoke!

After visiting the animals in the petting zoo, jumping in the bounce house, playing with the train tables and making artwork, we ate a quick lunch and then headed over to get in line for our ride with Thomas.

Here comes Thomas!
Tanner and Tori waited patiently (but eagerly!) in line for their turn to get on the train.

Once on board, we were all smiles!

Happy Boy!
Hi Tanner!
Grammy, Mommy and a sleepy Tori
Daddy and a sleepy Tanner

Here's a cute video of the kids enjoying the music during the train ride:

After our fun train ride, Tanner had to see Thomas one more time before we left.
How cute is this? Tanner and his Daddy smile in front of Thomas.

He rode on his Daddy's shoulders, giggling all the way back to the car.

As soon as we put them in the car, they were out! It was hard work having so much fun!

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