Thursday, February 18, 2010

Say What???

I wanted a way to document all the cute ways Tanner & Tori say certain things and their pronunciations at this stage, so I figured what better way to preserve them than to put them here, on their blog!

I've been meaning to write this post for months now and just haven't gotten around to it. But I must do it now before I forget all these cute things because these two are growing up so fast!!!

(The following may not be interesting to anyone else, it is just for my memory's sake!)

I was listening to them talk tonight and was in awe as I realized how clear their pronunciation has become over just the past month! Most of the following pronunciations are long gone now, but I don't want to forget some of my favorites:

"Hairpane" = Airplane (Tori)
"Muck" = Milk (Tanner)
"Ongage" = Orange (Tori)
"Nina" = Banana (Tanner)
"Nonny" = Banana (Tori)
"Hold You" = Hold Me (Tanner & Tori)
"Come out" = Come in (Tanner & Tori)
"Tar" = Star (Tanner)
"Yips an' Yotion" = Lips & Lotion (Tori; it is not uncommon to hear her asking for "yips and yotion" on a daily basis!)
"Yook" = Look (Tanner & Tori)
"Bandain" = Bandaid (Tori)
"Buh-bain" = Bandaid (Tanner)
"Bubble Bass" = Bubble Bath (Tanner & Tori)
"Eh-funt" = Elephant (Tanner)
"Ee Yunch" = Eat Lunch (Tanner)
"Eat Unch" = Eat Lunch (Tori)
"Pa-pack" ('a' as in at) = Backpack (Tori)
"Keri-Net" = Keri & Annette (Tanner & Tori; this is how they say their teachers' names)
"Ma-mat" ('a' as in at) = Nap mat (Tanner & Tori)
"Ee-mool" = Animal (Tori)
"Beh-yee" = Belly (Tori)
"No" = Snow (Tanner & Tori)
"No-man" = Snowman (Tanner & Tori)

They are the light of my life and they fascinate me every day! Love these two to bits!!!

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