Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday Fun at the Zoo

We enjoyed a trip to the zoo with friends on Friday. It was an absolutely perfect, beautiful day... so nice to be outside enjoying the fresh air and sunshine!

Getting a picture of six adorable kiddos isn't easy, you know... here's Take 1:

Nobody seems to know where the camera is (except baby Collin!). And, Take 2:

How cute is this?!?!!
Miles holding Tanner & Tori's hands as they explore the zoo together

Check out these crazy, pink birds Mom!

Tanner just about jumped in with them!

All the excitement wore baby Collin out.... look at this precious, sleeping angel boy! *Sigh*
Tori was completely infatuated with baby Collin... when asked what her favorite part of the zoo was, her reply to me was, "Baby Collin!" She loved giving him kisses, touching his nose, playing with his hands and just gazing at his cuteness. When her Daddy got home from work that evening, she told him, "Daddy, I want a baby!" Uh oh, somebody's got the big sister bug!

Time for a snack!

Here's our attempt at five kids with the kangaroo statue... again, not so successful, but funny! Take 1:

Take 2:

Tori was liking the kangaroo and started hamming it up for us, so she got her own photo with him!


What a great day! We'll be seeing a lot more of the zoo this spring and summer - we got a membership while we were there, so hopefully we'll be best friends with the gorillas and elephants by the end of the year!

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