Sunday, July 26, 2009

Zoo Visit with Grammy!

Grammy has been on vacation this past week, so we've had lots of fun-filled days playing with her! On Thursday, we took her to the zoo with us and got to ride the zoo train for the very first time! Tanner was THRILLED, to say the least! This boy is obsessed with all things transportation and had a huge grin on his face as he repeated "Choo-choo" over and over and over again.

Here we are checking out the flamingos:

"Hey, this little elephant is not so scary!"
"You're right, Tori. I like his long nose!"
Beautiful White Tiger
"Come on guys, let's get outta here... I think this one is HUNGRY!"

"Look Tanner, lions!"

That was our fun day at the zoo. We wanted to ride the other train outside the zoo on our way home, but it was starting to rain and the next train didn't arrive for another half hour. So, we took the kids home for their nap and saved that outing for Friday... stay tuned.

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