Monday, April 20, 2009

"Papa Drives a Big Rig..."

I almost forgot to tell this story about something so hilarious that happened on the way to church Saturday evening. (My dad will LOOOOVE this!!!)

Tanner has been fascinated with his toy cars and trucks lately and has started saying "truck" really well (it sounds like "chuck" when he says it, but we know what he means!). So, we were headed to church on Saturday evening and Brad was pointing out all the trucks to him and he was repeating Brad and pointing, saying "chuck, chuck." We passed an 18-wheeler that was getting on the freeway and Brad told him that it was a "big rig." He repeated "big rig" a couple of times so Tanner would get it. Brad told Tanner, "Papa drives a big rig."

Then Tanner, I kid you not, repeated Brad, clear as day and said his first full sentence.... "Papa drives a big rig!"

We looked at each other, in shock, and started laughing so hard in disbelief! I was driving and just about ran off the road!

But we both heard it plain as day. So, it's official and can go in the record books: Tanner's first sentence was, "Papa drives a big rig!"

Is that great or what?!?!?!!! Haha!!!


Mary said...

Love it! :-)