Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy (really belated!) Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone (I'm only a week late)!!! We hope you all had an enjoyable weekend with the ones you love. We certainly enjoyed ours and wanted to share the love...

It all began last Thursday........ Daddy surprised Mommy with a gorgeous floral arrangement at work! He really knows how to put a smile on my face! ;)

Then, Friday was to be our big date-night since I was singing at church all weekend, so Friday was spent getting the kids ready for their sleepover at Grammy's house (that's right folks, a sleepover... we had about 18 hours of uninterrupted time together!). We had found a really cool craft project for Grammy for Valentine's, so we spent some time before lunch making our art work... it turned out really great and she LOVED it!
It's a garden paver with imprints of the kids' feet and hands! This is the finished product before it was dry.

Once Brad got home, we headed over to Grammy's to drop the kids off, set up all their gear, and hit the road for a great date night!

We had a great evening! We drove out to Dallas for dinner (I can't remember the last time we went to Dallas - it was fun to do something different than the "norm"!!!) at a fabulous Asian-fusion restaurant called Bengal Coast, which also happens to be a client of Brad's company. He's been wanting to take me there for awhile and we finally got to go. The food was amazing! Asian, Indian and Thai-inspired, it was so rich and flavorful I just relished every bite because I tasted something different with each bite I took. There were so many flavors in my dish, I couldn't decipher them all and that really made it interesting! Brad and I traded dishes every few minutes because we couldn't decide whose dish we liked best. His was giant prawns over white rice with an awesome curry sauce. My dish was chicken and vegetables over rice noodles, but flavored so uniquely. I think there was coconut, cayenne, cilantro, etc., etc., etc. SO YUMMY!!!

After dinner, we drove around trying to find a place to stop for a rich, chocolate-y, Valentine-y (yep, I just made up a new adjective!) dessert, but every place was so crowded. So, we decided to stop at Blockbuster and rent Fireproof and head home for a movie and popcorn.

If you are married and have not seen Fireproof, we both HIGHLY recommend it to every couple! It was a very well made movie (even for your typical low budget, cheesy Christian film) and was very moving and powerful!! It ended up being the perfect way to spend the evening and focus on our marriage.

Meanwhile, over at Grammy's, the kids were having a great time! I don't think they were spoiled AT ALL!!!!!!! *wink*

Tanner was fascinated with Grammy's "bah"..... Little does he know, he's got the whole world in his hands! ;)

They got to watch TV sitting up in Grammy's big chair like a couple of big kids!

And Tanner enjoyed sitting on the ottoman all by himself!

Here they are tearing up all of Grammy's magazines, while she just grins and giggles (and takes pictures!)

Gracious Grammy even let them reorganize her pots and pans! They had a blast!

Here they are having "organized snack time" as Grammy calls it - awww, such BIG kids!

When we arrived back at Grammy's just before lunch on Saturday, they didn't even flinch when we walked in because a) Tanner was eating a snack on the floor and b) Tori was about to be fed her lunch! I'm telling you, these guys are FOCUSED during mealtimes... they LOVE to get their grub on!!!!! It is so hilarious!

What's even funnier is that, literally, as soon as Tori finished her lunch, THEN, and only then, she was ready for a Momma hug and snuggle!

The kids had a great time getting spoiled over at Grammy's, but then it was back to reality at our house! Haha!

Truth be told, Grammy had every bit of the great time the kids had too! She was on cloud 9 all weekend... I even heard some story about her letting people go ahead of her in line at the grocery store! We call this the "Grandbaby Valium Effect!" They are pretty addicting, I must admit! ;)