Thursday, November 6, 2008

We're 15 Months Old!!!

We're 15 Months Old today! It also happens to be Mommy's birthday today so we thought we would surprise her by taking over the blog! We're not really sure how old Mommy is today, but we keep hearing her say that this year is going to be her last documented birthday, so all we can figure is that must mean next year is a doozie!

Alright, enough about Mommy... here's what WE'VE been up to:

Yes, we know the cuteness factor in this picture is OFF THE CHARTS... but please try not to drool on your keyboard! Mom says, "The only thing cuter than one diapered baby looking out the window is TWO diapered babies looking out the window!" Hey, we were just trying to get a good look at the "Dees!"
I think I was looking up to see the "Wiggles" on TV in this picture... they're my favorite!
And here's my brother looking for just the right toy to play with. Sometimes it's hard to choose, so we just take them ALL out!
Now, I love spaghetti night just as much as Tanner, but I have much better table manners than he does...... BOYS!
Just look at this guy! Will he EVER learn?!?!!
Here we are with our Daddy... he's such a fun guy!
This is our favorite part of the day, when he comes home and scoops us up for big hugs!

Okay, that's all for now. Happy Birthday Mommy! We love you and hope we did a good job updating the blog for you!

Tanner & Tori


Dustythemomhaskins said...

Babies and children in diapers are always the best pictures. Funny how cute they are. LOve the progression of photos throughout the day. Happy birthday, I hope Brad was a good Hubby!!!

The Houston's said...

The pictures of Tanner & Tori eating spaghetti are too cute! It's fun to see how there is a difference between boys & girls, even with how they eat!

Hope you had a great birthday!