Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Barrel of Monkeys and Other Shenanigans...

One morning last week, while the kids were playing after breakfast, Tanner thought it would be a great idea to climb into the basket of toys we keep in the living room. The following sequence ensued. I'll narrate as we go along:

Here's Tanner playing quietly in the basket... I thought this was pretty funny, so I grabbed the camera for a quick photo....
Sister decides she needs to be in a picture too, so she crawls over from across the room to check it out....

She decides this looks like fun and proceeds to crawl into the basket with Tanner...

Wow, there's not too much space in here... "You're cramping my style, bro!"

My Barrel of Monkeys!

And next, I can hardly believe it, but I caught both of them already trying to sneak out!!! It's not that bad here, is it?!?!?!! LOL!

And finally, we went to the doctor yesterday morning for their 15-Month checkups and here are their stats:

Tanner 25 lbs, 3 oz.!! (58%)
33.5 inches (96%!)

Tori 22 lbs, 4 oz. (38%)
32.25 inches (91%)

Sheesh, that boy outweighs his sister by 3 whole pounds!!! I figured it would be something like that because he feels significantly heavier than her. She's still the petite little sis!

These kiddos are growing so FAST!