Friday, September 19, 2008

First Trip to the Zoo!

This past Wednesday, I met my friend Roni and her kids at the Fort Worth Zoo for half-price Wednesday. It was Tanner & Tori's first visit and we had so much fun! Of course, they got in for free (2 and under) and my ticket was only $5.50 (half-price), so we got to have a frugal field trip. We packed our lunches, so all I had to buy at lunch time were drinks... can't beat that!

First of all, it was another GORGEOUS, crisp, clear, cool day like we've been blessed with all week (Thank you, Lord!), so it was the perfect weather to be strolling around the zoo. It seemed the animals loved it too, because they were all out enjoying it. The monkeys were too cute! They were out running around chasing each other, romping and frolicking around in the grass and swinging and jumping on their play sets. They put on quite a show for us! Tori was thrilled with the monkeys! I took her out of the stroller and lifted her up to see and as soon as they caught her eye, she started kicking and squealing with delight, talking and pointing at them. I let Tanner have a turn too and, once he noticed them, he just stared and studied them. He watched them run from one end of the habitat to the other and never took his eyes off them. He seemed mesmerized and fascinated by these strange creatures he had never seen before!

Here are some pictures from our wild adventure:
Roni with her cuties, Lexi (2) and Cason (3)
Mommy with her cuties!
Mr. Macaw - this guy was hilarious! He was talking to us (I think we made out "hello", "Tyler"? and "Bye") and mimicking our laughter. He would laugh after every time we laughed at him, it was so funny!
Tori: "Lexi, where did you get your shoes? They're soooo cute!"
I mistakenly called Mr. Rhinoceros here a hippo after I had been asking where the hippos were. Cason quickly made sure to correct me... it was too funny! He said, "That's not a hippo Leah, it's a 'noceruss'," in his precious, 3-year-old way. He's so smart!

We had a great day and I was surprised by how much the kids did notice. I didn't think they would take notice to any animals but they did and even showed excitement. I can't wait to take them again when they're a bit older (maybe in the spring) and see how much more they pick up on!