Sunday, August 3, 2008


Month Nine.... this was the month of May, the month we started using the pool. I've got a couple of water babies on my hands, that's for sure!

Here's my little surfer dude hanging out on the patio before a swim. Couldn't ya just pinch that pudgy little belly?!?!!
Okay, so I forgot about this one... this is another one of my favorites of Daddy and his baby girl!!! (Notice the huge drop of drool about to splat on Daddy's cheek... LOVE IT!!!)

By the way, that reminds me.... I need to update you all on the TOOTH COUNT!
Tori has been drooling for what feels like YEARS and she has FINALLY cut her first two - bottom left and top left, oddly enough - about a week ago. They're still barely coming through. Poor baby, her teeth are just slow pokes, I guess.
Tanner is up to 5 now. He's got the two bottom, two top and has now added the neighbor to the right of his top teeth. So, we're 5 to 2 so far.... see y'all tomorrow for month 10 pics as our countdown to ONE continues!