Tuesday, May 6, 2008

We're 9 Months Old!!!

We're 9 months old today... look how BIG we are!!! Here we are in our Dr. Seuss "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" t-shirts that Grampa gave us for Christmas... too cute!
Sleepy Thing
Swingin' Thing

Tanner made headline news over the weekend (Sunday to be exact) when he cut his FIRST TOOTH!!!!! If you had been in the house when we discovered it, you would've thought the Stars had won the Stanley Cup! We were all excited, like we'd uncovered gold or something... it was HILARIOUS! Tori still has no tooth in sight, but as we've learned, that doesn't mean anything since they can sneak up on you overnight! We'll be sure to keep everyone updated on the tooth count.

Now, let me tell you about our fabulous weekend.......

We had a great weekend! The weather was absolutely perfect and gorgeous - beautiful clear blue skies and not too hot with a nice cool breeze... it doesn't get any better than that! Saturday morning, my mom came over and we headed out to The Plant Shed to buy flowers for the flowerbeds while Brad stayed home with napping babies. By the time we got back and got started planting, the babies were awake and it was time for their lunch. So, we took over and let Brad go to the movies with the guys. Here's a cute picture of the babies sitting in the doorway watching us plant after their lunch.
Notice Murphy watching from behind the gate also - we can't leave him out!

Here's Tori inspecting our landscaping work to make sure we did an acceptable job...

... and she approves!!!

I let Tanner play in the grass for the first time... he liked it!

And here he is relaxing after all the hard work!

Uncle Chris was in town from Orlando over the weekend, so Sunday was "Family Day" complete with grilled steaks, chicken, asparagus, mashed potatoes and fresh pea salad! Chris brought a few friends over and our cousin Tracy even made it out for the festivities. It was such a fun day and, somehow, I didn't even get a single picture!

Well, we're headed to the doctor on Monday for our 9-Month checkup. I'll be interested to see how much they weigh and where they fall on the growth chart... these kiddos are gettin' BIG!!!


sarah said...

I love their shirts!! Too cute! Yeah for Tanner getting a tooth!!

Daniel & Hayley said...

Hahaha..I love how you always put what they look like they are thinking. It's so funny!