Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lots of New Faces

Tanner & Tori meet their Nana and Papa

Tanner & Tori meet their Aunt Kat and Uncle Andy

We had a nice weekend with my dad and stepmom who traveled down from Denver to meet the babies for the first time. They arrived last Thursday afternoon and left yesterday morning. They babysat for us on Friday night so we could get out and have a date! It was so nice to go out to dinner (I got to have SUSHI!) and to a movie (we saw The Game Plan - it was adorable!). It was definitely nice to get out, but even nicer to come home! It's amazing how refreshing it is to get out of the house even for just a few hours. My stepbrother Andy and his wife Kat finally got to meet the babies on Thursday night when Dad & Tami got in. Andy was quite nervous to hold Tori, agreeing to it only if she would not move or make a noise while he was holding her. We convinced him to hold her for the above picture. Kat held Tanner for a long time and liked it more than she thought she would... it was really cute! She loved snuggling with Tanner - we jokingly called him her new boyfriend!
And as if our date wasn't wonderful enough, Nana & Papa kept the babies in their room on Sunday night so we could have the night off! I got to sleep for 7 consecutive, wonderfully uninterrupted hours!!! Talk about refreshing, we both felt so good on Monday morning!
Earlier that week, they got to meet their Great Aunt and Uncle Hal & Ruth who came to visit all the way from Canada! They thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the babies and we enjoyed their visit very much!
Overall, we had a great weekend and were so glad that Tanner and Tori got to meet some more of their family members!

Tanner & Tori meet Great Uncle Hal and Great Aunt Ruth