Friday, August 17, 2007

Together again

(Tanner on left, Tori on right)

In their first reunion since the womb, Tanner & Tori got to snuggle together on Mommy's chest yesterday afternoon. It felt so good to hold both of them at the same time. Looking down at them, it was hard to believe they were both inside of me less than two weeks ago! We hope to see them sharing a bed very soon.

The big news from yesterday was that Tanner has exceeded his birth weight. He is now at 3 lbs. 10 oz.!!! Tori keeps getting close, teetering right around her birth weight at 3 lbs. 2.9 oz. We hope to see a nice growth spurt from her in the next few days as well.


Carolyn Fobes said...

Leah and Brad, I'm a friend of Leah's Mom through SOS. I've met Leah also. Your babies are adorable. You're so blessed. I love the Batman goggles! What a hoot you'll be able to share with them later! And just think, you'll get to buy 2 of everything: 2 cars (better start shopping - these kiddos will grow up before you know it), 2 college educations, WOW!

Let me leave you with this: Father God, we are in constant amazement at Your glory. You have so richly blessed this beautiful family with two adorable babies. We praise You for this most wonderful gift and ask that You forever hold this family in Your strong yet gently hands. In Your Son's most precious Name we ask these things. Amen.