Monday, August 20, 2007

The babies are steadily gaining a little weight every day. As of last night, Tanner was up to 3 lbs. 12.9 oz. and Tori was up to 3 lbs. 6.9 oz.! Tanner is now out of his incubator and in an open bassinet because he is maintaining his temperature pretty well. So well, in fact, that we even got to bring clothes up to dress him. I put this preemie onesie on him and it just swallowed him! It was hilarious!

Tanner's 1st outfit

Tori is doing well with her bottle feeds. Learning to suck, swallow and breathe this early is quite impressive, as this skill doesn't develop in the womb until between Week 34-36, so these guys are being forced to learn it early and they're really doing great!

Daddy feeding Tori

Mommy holding Tanner


sarah said...

They are growing so fast!!! Before you know it, they wll be growing out of everything!!